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Every day we create opportunities for a more sustainable environment and greater economic growth in our municipality as well as other European counties.

By taking on the challenges of modern waste management everyday, both locally and globally, we understand your challenges. Doing everything from collecting waste, producing biogas, offering a variety of different services to other municipalities and companys, to moving people to do the right choices in recycling, we know how to turn waste into value.
Sincerely yours // Mr. Thomas Nylund, CEO of Gästrike återvinnare

National Award to the Gästrike region for the export of their expertise.

On November 25th we saw Gastrike återvinnare take home a national prize for their successful investment in the export of knowledge. The Swedish recycling Award 2015 recognises Gästrike återvinnare’s endeavours both locally and internationally to contribute to a world that will last longer.

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Thank you for participating in the event i Warsaw

Gästrike återvinnare is very glad that so many companies from both Sweden and Poland were able to participate in the match making event. We hope you had a great day and enjoyed the presentations and that you got a lot of new contacts during the day. Presentations and photos from the event are now available, just follow the link below.

If there are any questions, views or requests just contact us.

Click here to download presentations and view photos from the event [English].

Want to go international?

Exclusive offer for participants of Waste management Academia.

We would like to invite you and your company the opportunity to be a part of our network, consisting of companies from Sweden, Poland, Serbia and other countries. If you are interested in making new co-operations and international business this is the network that you should be part of. If you haven´t recieved an invitation please send an interest email to international@gastrikeatervinnare.se.

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Recycling cities – a never ending business

We know how recycling can generate big profits in your community. Every single day.

Recycling is a global movement. Not only from a sustainable social and environmental perspective but also from an economic standpoint. We know the importance of working with all three areas and how they interact. We know how to handle large advanced cycles and how to succeed when different cities and municipalities have to work together to be effective. Together with your visions we can help you meet your goals that develops the community, the residents, the environment and the economy of the region.

Take part in our certificate program ”Green Business – Sustainable waste management!

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European Waste Reduction Award 2012

Nominated in the category management / public institution / authority.



European Waste Reduction Award 2011

Nominated in the category management / public institution / authority.



Swedish Recycling Award 2011

Winner in the category Waste Treatment Organization of the Year.

Award 2011 winner


Swedish Recycling Award 2011

Nominated in the prestigious category Recycling Facility of the Year.

Award 2011 Nomi


Reference case # 4 – Poland

We are proud to be their selected partner for education in modern waste management.

Our latest assignment is in Poland, where we in cooperation with Polish partners, educate small and large contractors in the process of going from traditional waste management to new sustainable business. They are taking part in our certificate program ”Green Business – Sustainable waste management”.  The program is tailor made to suit their specific needs and it gives them a variety of different options to choose from.

Our program is certified in partnership with University of Gävle. An institute for the latest education in modern waste management.

Quick facts from Sweden

  • Recycling

    Positive increase. Recycling increased by 3 per cent to 1,467,200 tonnes, 152.1 kg per person.

  • Hazardous waste

    In 2012, 66 100 tonnes of hazardous household waste was collected. On average, that is 6.9 kg for every Swede.

  • Energy recycling

    Energy recycling went down 1,5 per cent and was 2,235,930 tonnes, or 231.8 kg per person.

  • Landfill

    Landfilling increased slightly to 33 300 tonnes, representing 0.7 percent of total treatment.

  • Household waste

    The treated quantity of household waste in Sweden was 4,447,880 tonnes, or 461.2 kg per person.  


Education system for Waste Management

Transfer of good practices and development of professional competences of employees in waste management area supported by IT tools.

Gästrike återvinnare co-operate with six other organizations in an ERAMUS+ project to develop an education system for Waste Management. The education shall be a European standard (EQF/NQF) at level 4-5. The first part is to find a common standard and then to develop a new occupation, Waste Management Technician/organizer.  It will be an IT-education and the target groups are training institutions and employees of different enterprises. The project will be ended in August 2017.


Read more about the project and our partners ->


Upphandling av utbildningsinsatser och konsulter i Polen

Vi söker dig som arbetar inom avfallsbranschen som vill hjälpa oss att utbilda 600 företagare i Polen i ”Waste management”. Vi arbetar både med utbildning och konsulting. Upphandling av lärarresurserna kommer att pågå kontinuerligt 2014-02-20 till 2015-05-30. Hör av dig till Per-Olov Hallberg på e-post per-olof.hallberg@gastrikeatervinnare.se eller telefon +46 70 265 26 04.

Green Business –
Sustainable waste management

Turn waste into value. Take part of our
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