From plan to successful IMPLEMENTATION in Serbia.


In Serbia we were successful in going from a waste management plan to implementing major changes within a local municipalities entire waste management structure so that the plan could be more easily implemented and user friendly.

"You are part of our success and you have contributed a lot to our company´s prosperity" 

Vera Blagojević Waste Manager Director Cajetina, Serbia


> Status-enhancing work by offering training and

personal protective equipment (PPE) for those who work out in the field.

> Purchased a new fleet of garbage collection vehicles.

> Built a new workshop for maintenance of the garbage trucks.

> Built a new office that is better suited for the new organization.

> Built the first new environmental garbage rooms

in Serbia.

> Implemented a collection system for construction and demolition waste.

> Implemented a system for the collection of packaging materials from the local municipalities resident


> Preparations and development of a new recycling yard.

The next step is to build a composting facility to take care of all the Bio-waste. The structure has been developed by us.