Preparing Serbia for EU directives - Part 2


Start 2015 - Finish 2017

GÅ International Relation on Serbia's initiative, has begun work to create better cooperation between the municipal players in the recycling sector. This is required in order to be able to comply with the EU directives that follow an upcoming EU membership. 


In Serbia, there are major shortcomings in the way the various actors in municipal recycling work together. Ahead of a forthcoming EU accession, joint collaboration platforms need to be developed to comply with EU directives.

Gå International Relations assignment is about strengthening cooperation between the municipal companies that carry out recycling work and the municipal administrations. Creating the right conditions for such cooperation is crucial to achieving the high standards that the EU requires in its environmental directives at municipal level.

Gå International Relations uses the CAF model to best establish the change process. The CAF model is a self-evaluation model for government agencies and facilitates comparisons between different public authorities.

In addition to analyzing the current situation and advising on the change work, a major focus is on pursuing competence development in areas such as sustainability, gender equality, anti-corruption and citizen views, etc. GÅ International has in-depth expertise in these areas and offers insight transfer to all different players in the recycling sector in Serbia.