Waste plan in Georgia


In connection with the completion of earlier project in Georgia, we received an offer to assist the Swedish Embassy in Tbilisi and the Ministry of the Environment in Georgia.  

Together with Keep Georgia Tidy, we will create a regional waste plan in the Kakheti region with eight municipalities. For two weeks, we have participated in meetings and discussions of all municipalities to create a basic framework in the joint work for a regional waste plan. It is a real challenge as the municipalities are extremely diverse, with wide geographical distribution and where there are very little resources for waste management and environmental issues. On the basis of our guidelines and proposals, the Governor and the eight Mayors have now written a "Letter of intent" that will form the basis for the continued work. We have also made sure to create a basis for a project plan and for the project group that will run the work on site. The work will continue throughout 2020 and parts of 2021.