Expert advisors and project partners in Georgia


Start 2018 - Finish 2019

During 2018-2019, together with the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, we have worked with Georgia and primarily Tbilisi Service group, which has the main responsibility for, among other things, waste management in Tbilisi and its surrounding areas.

GÅ international relations have served as expert advisors and project partners in their efforts to strengthen and develop the organization and their sustainability work. Leading politicians, officials have had the opportunity to visit Gästrike återvinnare and our region on two occasions. The first opportunity was spent on recycling, sorting, logistics, organization and communication. 15 participants from Georgia and two from the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency participated and the result is that Tbilisi service group has implemented changes in several parts. New communication strategy, new procurement of vehicles, which also resulted in having Volvo dump trucks in Tbilisi for the first time. They have built a new transfer station to receive sorted garbage and are now carrying out a pilot project for sorting garbage for recycling in one area. There they ewill introduce underground containers and sort the garbage into three fractions. We assised with project knowledge, logistics and communication strategies /communication work.

The second visit focused on composting, biogas, collection and treatment of food waste, landfill extraction and how the EU works to secure landfills. There, Tbilisi service group has now conducted a technical study to be able to do a procurement for landfill gas and through our concept they will develop a recycling center in Tbilisi. This time a "Job Shadowing programme" was also carried out, where the delegates from Georgia had to follow drivers, service personnel, customer service, the Hazardous Waste Group, Recycling Center staff for two days to learn the system and processes. The visit ended with the joint development of a pilot project which is now being carried out in Tbilisi.