GreenComp IT


Start 2015 - Finish 2017

The project was a cooperation between European countries Poland, Portugal, Germany and Sweden. The project started 2015 and was finished 2017. The purpose of the project was to validate waste management skills for technicians, administratives and working leaders in companies. The program was built mainly for persons working in companies outside of the waste management business but could also be a introduction part for new employees or beginners at a waste management company. The material was tested and used by companies and VET trainers, the material is still used but in an upgraded version and in a more national context in Sweden. The projects results in the way of education material was a success but the connection to the leading partners as employers organizations etc was to small but as one of the founders of the new system in Sweden for validating Waste management works was the CEO at Gastrike atervinnare at that time we can say that GreenCompIT gave inspiration for the further work with validation and some of the ideas from the GreenCompIT was used.