Education programme in Poland


Start 2014 - Finish 2016

Our mission in Poland together with our partner was to hold a waste management education programme. There were 650 people in attendance from different companies related to waste management who participated in the training programme for a total of 8 days (10 hours of training plus 2 hours of consulting time), distributed on four occasions. 

The content of the Education:

- Environmental aspects of waste management

- Basic legal framework in the EU and Poland

- Overview of different systems, methods and techniques.

- Sorting and separation of waste

- Collection and treatment of waste

- Recycling of materials

- Hazardous waste

- Sustainable transport

- Communication and Eco Branding

- Business models in waste management

- Procurement of waste management services


Each participating company did its own work improving the environment or developing its operations towards a more environmentally controlled way of working. In particular, the participants appreciated that the training gave them opportunities to see how they could develop their own business and, within the course, create a contact network to further refine their own business. The educational package has been adapted to be used in other countries, based on their unique conditions.

Positive examples

Among other things, the training has resulted in one of the participants starting an education programme for children and young people in the field of waste management in their home town.

Another participant in the printing industry has started to sort his paper in a better way after attending the education programme and now makes a better profit on it. This participant also started business with another participant in the training programme, which helped him manage his hazardous waste in a better way.