Project South Africa


"Develop a collection system for Hazardous waste in South Africa"

This project is in collaboration with the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Environmental Affairs in South Africa, Buffalo city and Gästrike återvinnare.

The project will develop a pilot on how the collection of household hazardous waste can be collected in South Africa. The pilot project is based on collecting the hazardous waste in three completely different areas, an informal settlement, a middle-class area and a high-income area. The project has received a lot of attention in South Africa when the President launched the project in connection with a large environmental conference. Gästrike återvinnare is assisting with expert knowledge, practical knowledge and training both on site and in Gävle.

Gästrike återvinnare is also assigning in the work of logistics, sorting of packaging waste and together with BCMM reviewing the structure of the waste work in the municipality.