Preparing Serbia for EU directives - Part 1


Start 2013 - Finish 2015

The general purpose in Serbia was to meet EU requirements with a well-established, fully functioning waste management system by 2020.

The specific goals of the collaboration together with the municipalities of Zrenjanin, Zitiste, Secanj, Title and Kovaviva were to:

- The municipalities of Gävle, Zrenjanin, Zitiste, Secanj, Title and Kovaviva exchange knowledge and experience to develop action plans that contribute to the long-term overall goal.

- Revision, development and adaptation of the regional strategic waste plans.

- Development of a general awareness / communication plan.

- Development of a capacity building program for staff in municipal companies. (Public Utility Companies)

What have we done?

  • Study visits at Gästrike återvinnare in Gävle and at Ekogas in Forsbacka, web seminars, several workshops, study visits in Stockholm, job shadowing, mentoring.
  • The regional and strategic waste management plan was reviewed. The results were discussed and analyzed and then used in the feasibility study and other relevant plans and strategies.
  • An awareness / communication plan has been developed and implementation. The project had a strong focus on ensuring integration of the gender equality perspective in the communication plan as well as other activities according to the work plan.
  • The project has served as a capacity building program for staff in municipal companies. Analysis of needs and current status in the Serbian municipal companies has been done.
  • Start of the process of designing components in the regional waste management system.