Study Visits (a 3-day education)

The city of Gävle offers a unique opportunity to learn more about sustainable waste management in a modern city context. This is an example of a 3-day education on urban waste management that will give you tools, strategies and visions to introduce in your community. As a customer you can always tailor-make your study visit.

The 3-day course provides you with insights into the planning process, legislative considerations, logistics, waste management techniques and strategies, public awareness and communication issues as well as a tailored action plan dedicated to your community development plan.

The course is targeted at politicians, civil servants and businesses with an interest in creating a sustainable city and thirsting for best practice know-how and efficient knowledge transfer with regards to municipal waste management. Start the journey towards a sustainable city now!


Day 1

> Introduction to the Swedish waste management systems, waste management development over time and legislative drivers.

> Environmental aspects of waste management.

> The system perspective and critical success factors and agents.

> Workshop addressing your local opportunities and challenges.

> Cultural event and sightseeing.

Day 2

> Treatment of waste and best available techniques.

> A site visit - tracking our waste from disposal to the waste management site.

> A site visit to a biogas plant, compost plant or biomass powered district-heating plant.

> Dinner with representatives from Gävle region


Day 3

> Public awareness and behavioural change.

> Workshop defining a strategy and next steps.

> The waste management company of tomorrow -from rubbish man to business man.

> Evaluation and discussions.

> Closing diploma ceremony