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The Gästrike återvinnare way

Together we are creating everyday environmental heroes for a world that lasts longer

We at Gästrike återvinnare are an ambitious and development-orientated organisation and development-orientated organisation with a focus on the immediate future.

We are working to ensure sustainable social development by communicating knowledge and providing solutions in waste management. This creates opportunities for people to contribu-te to a better living environment. Together with our partners, we are investing in a more sustainable future for all.

Collecting household waste

Our main responsibility is the municipal waste management in the 5 member municipalities that form the Union of municipa-lities to which we are a part of. These 5 member municipalities are Gävle, Hofors, Ockelbo, Sandviken and Älvkarleby. We service a total of 169,000 people and we are responsible for the collection, treatment, planning and information pertaining to all the household and hazardous waste in the 5 different municipalities. We also partner with other waste haulers in our operations.

Recycling centers

At our headquarters in Gävle we have our largest recycling centre. 1 out of 11 throughout the 5 municipalities which receives sorted solid and hazardous waste from the local households and from surrounding businesses with subscriptions.

Business solutions

We offer the Collection of waste from companies and building sites. We offer our partners expertise advise regarding services of hazardous waste, sorted waste and electronic waste. We provide waste management solutions to clients such as: Volvo, Microsoft and others.

Biogas plant

Gästrike återvinnare together with Gävle Energi, own Gästrike Ekogas AB, who since the autumn of 2017 have been producing biogas and bio-fertilizers from the regi-on's food waste at the Forsbacka biogas plant outside of Gävle. This is an example of local circular economy where we are able to replace gasoline and diesel with a fossil-free biogas which is used locally by our buses, garbage trucks and taxis in our municipalities. The bye product of this biogas is a nutrient rich fertilizer which is used by the local farmers on their farm lands and in this way the nutrients are returned to the soil.

Attitudes and behaviour changes

We invest much in disseminating knowledge, influencing attitudes and changing behaviour, which is reflected in our business goals. We provide environmental education for companies and we educate school students and adult groups on how to manage their solid and hazardous waste in a more optimal environmentally friendly way. Communication campaigns and events are an established part of our business which gives us a more far reaching ability for exposure pertaining to what we do and how we can collaborate with other stakeholders to help improve their waste management operations.

Sludge and grease traps

We are responsible for thecollection and transportation of sludge and grease traps from businesses. As we are a municipal association, our contacts collaboration with the other municipal institutions such as the Water company and the Energy company are valuable when it comes to providing expertise in those sectors as well.

Collection of sorted packaging

Sorting solutions and collection of sorted packaging from apartment buildings.

Our headquarter

At our headquarter in Gävle we have our main adminis-trative office, warehouse, garbage truck workshop and depot. From our headquarter we conduct all our customer services, sales, logistics, development, communication, finances and international relations operations.

We belive that education and development within the organisation is an important part of the whole system. With an effective, prone to change and healthy organi-sation you will be more likely to succeed in changing the system from one of waste and littering to one of value and also obtain a much cleaner city. 

We offer a program for organisation development with different orientations depending on your personal needs.

Hazardous waste

We collect, sort, store, document and transport hazardous waste from households and companies. There are strict laws, rules and obligations that need to be adhered to when working with hazardous waste.

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