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Ready to turn
waste into value?

Ready to turn
waste into value?

Our know-how in modern waste management will help you turn waste into money and to create sustainable growth, cleaner, greener cities and a longer lasting planet.

The importance of the green chain

We are currently placing less than 1 per cent of our household waste in landfill. That puts Swedish waste management in top of the world and it means that we have the knowledge and experience to help others be successfull. We have gone from outdated and unsustainable solutions like waste dumping and landfills to modern solutions such as waste-to-energy and fully recycling cities.

Quick facts



In 2020, our expertise in waste was in demand in a total of 16 countries.


Educated people

650 people from different companies completed our Waste management programme "Green Business" in Poland.


Ongoing projects

At the moment we are involved in 10 ongoing projects in different countries all over the world.


Prize won

Winner of the Special prize in the Swedish recycling award.

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