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Sustainable network - Sweden, Ukraine and Estonia

Duration: 2016–2018
Status: Completed

The project "SUE" was created to build and create sustainable networks between recycling partners in Sweden, Ukraine and Estonia. In the project, we develop pilot initiatives, training platforms and analysis tools together with the region's environmental players. SUE is partly funded by the Swedish Institute (SI).


Within "SUE" there is no common platform for skills development. The levels of competence and societal structures look different between the countries and the goals, threats and opportunities also differ from country to country.


GÅ International works to identify the differences and create the conditions for a long-term cooperation between the countries where they can develop cooperation and strategies from a common platform.


Our "SUE" approach is based on Agila pilot projects, training platforms and analysis tools for a successful waste management system. The pilot projects and analysis tools are important for testing common thoughts in an agile way and to create the conditions for improving everyone's work on developing waste management to minimize environmental impact.


In Estonia we worked together with the municipalities of Jöhvi, Sillämää and the Ida Virumaa region. Their work focused on increasing the sorting of asbestos, developing their ÅVC and trying to create a political debate about using green waste for composting.

In Ukraine, we worked with the municipalities of Brovary, Nova Kakhovka and Chernomorsk. Brovary wanted to create a new recycling system with collection of sorted waste in schools, new containers and pilot projects with underground containers for unsorted household waste.

In Nova Kakhovka, two fractions have been sorted within all public buildings and invested in a press machine. They have carried out educational efforts, created forums for various stakeholders in the environment and have held events to strengthen the environmental debate and environmental interest.

In Chernomorsk, sorting of packaging waste has been introduced in collaboration with a regional waste manager, who has become the first municipality in Ukraine to become ISO certified in the environmental field.

Gästrike återvinnare have contributed expert assistance and created initiatives for the environmental work that has been carried out and is still ongoing.

Extra possibilities

GÅ International Relations trains players through the Waste management Holistic Analysis Tool (WHAT). It is based on analyzing a number of success factors to create, develop and maintain a modern and environmentally friendly waste management system.

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